The good son always comes back. But this time our dear Arutani brings together a collaborative digital extended play in the company of his beloved friends Dandara & Manuel Wassmer. Titled as “Sunev”, the 4-track EP arises from the continuing friendship of these three, enhancing efforts and sharing their love with music on the Swiss collective LOKD. Underlining an open-minded approach, it contains two original tracks and two remixes. Arutani featured Dandara in the shining ‘Iridescent’ while Manuel Wassmer remixed it. On the other hand, Sr. Wassmer shaped “Sunev” while Arutani remixed it.

The collaboration took inspiration from the forgotten, mysterious planet
of Venus – the dawn star, our closest planetary neighbor. It has no rings, no moons and spins slowly in the opposite direction from most planets. Put in symbolical terms, Venus the planet as well as the goddess and all her consorts, visages harbor attributes which are representing our ability to relate, the need to be desired and loved, the joy and the color of spring, the renewal of vegetation and life, the inebriation of the senses, to share emotions.

Bearing this in mind and noticing that this EP relying upon their articulated desire to work closely together, the concept crosses further into a whirlwind of thoughts, feelings and emotions. And it reveals a subtlety only seems to be based on love, companionship, wholeheartedness and eagerness. Somehow, it fits as a soundtrack for a spatial odyssey (inner or outer), several sonic textures blended in with a hidden glitch melancholy,

Iridescent came from an evening when Dandara was playing interesting melodies with his guitar, it ended up with Arutani following up, adding wistful chords and a immersed baseline. The final result evolve into something unexpected, to listen to when you feel in love with something or someone. Manuel did his homework remixing Iridescent with a reddish oblique love filter. However, in his original track “Sunev”, Manuel seems to explore a new directive, going through a slightly portentous moody aural, in order to celebrate the way in which female energy is crucial to the balance and consciousness of the collective, the track is set as a tribute. Glimpses below the clouds reveal volcano-beats on Arutani’s remix.

After listening to this emotionally resonant EP, we hope you can fell these three were able to craft engaging tracks that evoke effective core elements of their musical aesthetics, suffused with an organic warmth. Reminding us why love is the driver for all great stories: not just romantic love, but the love for family, for universe, for what enraptured our hearts. We are the light that travels into space.


released August 20, 2018

Artwork\ ĂVEM

Track 01\ Arutani feat.Dandara
Track 02\
Remix by: soundcloud.com/manuel-wassmer
Track 03\
Track 04\
Remix by: soundcloud.com/arutani



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