Anacronismos EP

by Pérola Branca & Da Iguana



noun: anachronism; plural noun: anachronisms

a thing belonging or appropriate to a period other than that in which it exists, especially a thing that is conspicuously old-fashioned.

Taking this as a starting point, our 32th release is delivered by two musical projects and three singular individuals, from the friendship and affinity between the DJs and musical producers AVGVSTVS & mandruvá as 'Pérola Branca' and Pierre Brouillet as 'Da Iguana'. Anacronismos (Anachronisms) isn't just a peculiar name for the EP, in this case and for the lack of appropriate word, also reflects the way its structure relates the tracks as a 'back-to-back' production, with original tracks and remixes from both sides.

Marked by the multiple facets of downtempo/midtempo and also having a quirky, off-beat sense of conception, the Brazilian open-minded project Pérola Branca adds bounce and motion throughout the EP. By the other hand, the French beat-lover beardead reptile Da Iguana adds sophistication and a scenic portrayal, mainly mixing roots, genres and styles with open-mindness & passion. Hence, the concept behind the whole EP is based on the nonlinearity of the two main tracks - 'Setting Sun, Mad City Spirits' by Da Iguana and 'Canoeros del Fin del Mundo' by Pérola Branca. Featuring simultaneously disparate and congruent sounds. Pierre situates his music in an urban environment, entrenched in sub and hiphop beats, while Canoeros evokes a ritualistic and ancestral energy.

Then, they have crystallized their references into four tracks that propose an electroprimitivist voyage; from a metropolitan atmosphere, marked by dry bass lines with broken beats, to ancestral ambiences, with ritualistic rhythms and flutes interspersed with hypnotic synthesizers. 'Canoeros del Fin del Mundo' was created in early 2019, when Pérola Branca decided to enjoy slower, trance-inducing rhythms, at a time when they're fascinated by Random Collective's discography. Then, they sent the track to Da Iguana proposing a remix, since they felt a really connection with his current productions, but Pierre also responded back with the track 'Setting Sun, Mad City Spirits', also proposing a remix. So, it ended up in a package of experimental compasses and warm dreamy textures.

Genres are tricky. However, for those three they seem to twist through time and space, not being any stumbling block. And from this context that each one proposes, both communicate anachronically in electro-organic textures. The fact that they make their art calmly, according to the contexts of their lives and in order to continue learning and evolving, is what makes the work more attractive, because it certainly is fluid and genuine as it supposed to be. Thus, appropriate or not, this EP intertwines the old, the new, and the old with the new; it is a clipping of their artistic moments, musical creations that walk purposefully into experimental electronic music's boardwalk.


released November 7, 2019

Artwork\ Lavender & The Good Times

Master\ Andreh Torres @ NNR Studio, Brazil

Pérola Branca\
Soundcloud\ @perolabranca
Da Iguana\
Soundcloud\ @da-iguana


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